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Ministry teams

Are they just a fad ... or fundamental?

“For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29 ).

Look for congregational committees at Resurrection Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, and you’ll be disappointed. Instead you’ll discover 45 ministry teams with six more being formed. “We are on a three- to five-year journey,” said Mitch Phillips, one of the pastors, “trying to overcome the typical Lutheran ‘pew potato’ tendency by inviting and encouraging people to use the many gifts for ministry God has given them.”

How does it work?

First, both pastors, Phillips and Dave Schreiber, gathered ideas from other churches and clergy about how to become a congregation more centered on discipleship than membership.

Second, vision, mission and value statements were developed to set a direction widely supported by the congregation. These statements can be found at Resurrection's Web site. The question of whether direction is set by leaders or the people isn’t relevant when all the folks are involved through a congregational survey, cottage meetings, the “word-smithing” and vision of Schreiber, and discussion and adoption at two congregational meetings.

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