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Worship wishes & woes

Readers respond to what they want, need in worship

As you might suspect, when it comes to worship, word and sacrament are central to Lutherans’ life together. But other elements of worship are important too. And we want them all done well.

That’s the nitty-gritty of more than 60 responses—many of them well over the 500 word limit—to a reader survey regarding worship (May 2008): What do members want and need in worship? What are the essential elements of worship? How do we both honor tradition and make room for other worship styles?

More than one reader took issue with the questions themselves (i.e. “Honoring tradition isn’t what’s most important. Honoring God is what it’s all about.”).

But many expressed gratitude for the chance to ponder and respond. It was both an opportunity to put pet peeves on paper and their chance at a teaching moment—responding with what they know and feel regarding worship. Pages of handwritten responses arriving at The Lutheran well after the deadline remind us that worship is the core of who we are and what we do.

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