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Rebates to churches

For some the recently issued government tax rebates won’t be used for paying off debt or filling up the tank.

Instead their share of the $110 billion will stimulate faith projects at their church.

Groups such as the United Church of Christ and the Quakers have started campaigns to urge members to share a portion of their rebate with their church.

At a recent ELCA conference, Paul Stumme-Diers, bishop of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, encouraged church leaders to ask their congregational members to donate part of their check if they can afford to give up the windfall. (See also July 2008, "Stimulating a tithe.")


April U

April U

Posted at 3:06 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/2/2009


i am starting up a eco group with my church and want to know how to get started!

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