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Liturgy, social ministry take center stage

The Lutheran ventures into two potentially contentious areas this month. We’ll see what kind of response the pieces bring in the midst of summer vacations and beach reading.

First, the cover story ("A truly political liturgy" and "Worship wishes and woes"). Divided into two parts, the main piece tells the story of the liturgy, its origins, purpose and execution. The author is Mark Galli, senior managing editor of Christianity Today, a respected, independent American evangelical publication founded by Billy Graham. Galli, a former Presbyterian minister, belongs to an Anglican parish not associated with the Episcopal Church. His is a voice not often heard in Lutheran circles and may come as a surprise to some.

The real debate over liturgy takes place in “Wishes & woes” by associate editor Julie Sevig. Take it/leave, love it/no use for it and other variations receive voice by a broad range of readers from throughout the country.

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