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'Growing seed' from The Little Lutheran

This week at The Lutheran we bring you a story from our 1-year-old baby, The Little Lutheran, launched in July/August 2007. This story, “Growing seed,” appears in the July/August 2008 issue of this newest ELCA publication and is based on Jesus’ story about the sower and the seeds found in Matthew 13. It is written by Elizabeth Hunter, associate editor of The Lutheran and editor of The Little Lutheran.

Grandma and I plant seeds.
I toss some up. They fall like yellow rain. Some go on the path. A robin eats them up. Some go in the dirt in tunnels I made with a rake.

I go to bed and wake up a lot of times, but nothing is growing.

“Those seeds are not any good,” I tell Grandma.

One day I find a surprise.

There—where I put seeds—are little green things.

“The seeds were good,” Grandma tells me. “They just needed sun, water, dirt and love.”

“I need those things too,”
I tell her.

In its 10 issues a year, The Little Lutheran features Bible-based stories, prayers, songs, poems, activities, rituals, stories about saints—both living and dead, and lots of colorful art. This magazine, which comes in a child’s name right to his or her home, is just the right size for little hands and is sturdy and durable. It shows children how much God loves them and that Jesus is their savior and friend.

Invest in the faith formation of children age 6 or younger in your life. This magazine is a great gift from grandparents, godparents, parents or anyone. A one-year subscription is $24.95. If you order six or more subscriptions (get friends to join you!), the price is only $12.95. Where else can you find a gift for that price, especially a gift that lasts a lifetime?

Congregations, order copies for your nursery, preschool, kindergarten, worship bags, baptismal gifts or baptismal anniversaries, Sunday school, cradle- roll mailings, vacation Bible school, children’s sermon resources or other educational and faith formational events. Visit www.thelittlelutheran.org or call 800-328-4648. Order today so your little ones can start enjoying their very own magazine soon.


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