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The color purple

I don’t normally wear shorts anymore due to all the noticeable veins on my legs. But last summer while taking care of our grandchildren in Pipestone, Minn., I was wearing shorts when Aubrey Anna, who was lying on her tummy at my feet, said, “Grandy, I just love your legs” “You do?” I asked. “Why?” “Because,” she answered, “purple is my second favorite color.”

Andrea Nelson
Wittenberg, Wis.

“He’s a counselor from the retreat.
“He’s a counselor from the retreat. He’s here to thank you and the youth group for cleaning up the campsite and for not starting fires.”
Politics in church?

When our youngest choir joined with the senior choir in singing a joyful “Hosanna!” a young girl sang instead, “Obama! Obama!”

Marsha Swenson
Reedsburg, Wis.

Taking ownership of Kyrie Eleison

Our granddaughter Ellie, 4, always belts out the Kyrie on Sunday mornings, explaining it’s “her song.” When I listened closely to her singing, I realized she was right: “Kyrie Ellie’s song.”

Donald Waara
Cleveland, Ga.

Our granddaughter, Sophia, is always breaking into some rhythmic cadence—a favorite bedtime book, poem or song. Her parents post a blog so we can keep up with their children: “This morning we heard Sophia saying several times, ‘Lord have mercy.’ And a few minutes later, ‘In peace let us pray to the Lord’ and ‘For the peace of the whole world, for the murmur, murmur church of God, let us pray to the Lord.’ We’ve never done anything to teach Sophia these words from the Kyrie. It’s pure osmosis from a liturgical church. Who says traditional worship is irrelevant?”

Elliott and Kathy Pancoast
Llano, Texas

“This is going to be a great van ride.
“This is going to be a great van ride. I have been looking forward to getting to know you all better.”
We were breaking in a new assisting minister at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Cleveland, when partway through the Kyrie I distinctly heard, “For this holy house, for all who suffer here their worship and praise.” Later admitting the gaffe she also said, “Well, I was suffering.”

Jon C. Paulus
Parma, Ohio

Heavenly job descriptions

When my son, Aaron, 5, was younger, he was scared of thunder. I’ve always explained thunder as Grandpa Jake (deceased) playing the drums in heaven to tell us it’s going to rain. When it was raining during his visit to Grandma he asked her, “Why does Grandpa play the drums?” Knowing my explanation, she told him, “That is the job that God gave Grandpa.” My son replied with a heavy sigh, “Well, then I want the job of petting all the kittens.”

Dawn Hegland
Ellsworth, Iowa


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