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Nebraska youth 'grow' their money to serve others

The little “Card of Thanks” in the newspaper read: “Thank You—We would like to thank Derek Cowell from the Immanuel Lutheran Church youth group for choosing Bill as his service project.”

In Coleridge, Neb., $30 turns into
In Coleridge, Neb., $30 turns into $250 to help a family with medical bills for their 9-month-old son (right—name withheld for privacy). It also gives Taylor Olson, a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, some new friends with whom she plans to stay in contact.
Bill is a service project? A person? Yes, at Immanuel in Coleridge, Neb.

How do you impact somebody’s life with Christ’s love? The youth at Immanuel had an idea—serve them. The Friends in Christ youth group held a fundraiser, with each member receiving $30 from the proceeds. Each youth was challenged to find someone or some cause in the area and meet the need by growing the $30.

For Bill and his family (last name withheld for privacy), the project resulted in a $1,400 gift. Bill had been diagnosed with cancer and had to retire from his job. That left the family with a lot of expenses. Cowell asked for donations from individuals and sent a letter to Bill’s former workplace, where people were very generous.

Some students combined two gifts—a tangible gift and the gift of time. One reached out to a nursing home by purchasing games and playing them with the residents. Another visited a lymphoma patient undergoing chemotherapy and gave her the money she had collected.

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