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Connections up and down the church

Are we connected at all levels of the ELCA? If not, why not and what can we do?

The words are heard Sunday mornings throughout the land. “Hurry up! We’ll be late for church.” “Do I have to go to church today?” “There’s a potluck at church tonight.” “When will our church get its new pastor?”

Mountain climberIn each of those sentences “church” means First Lutheran, Hope Lutheran or Our Savior Lutheran on the corner of First and Main, Elm and Jackson or out on County Road C five miles from town.

But when people get to that “church,” they hear another use of the word. They hear their “church” is sending aid to starving people in Sudan, advocating for peace and justice, and having controversial discussions about sexuality.

Some of those things may also happen at First Lutheran, Hope Lutheran or Our Savior Lutheran. But those activities are certainly occurring in the synods to which those congregations belong and throughout the ELCA’s churchwide organization.

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