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Davey creator dies

The idea man for the children’s TV show Davey and Goliath, Richard Towne Sutcliffe, died May 11 in Dallas at age 90.

He was director of Lutheran radio and TV ministry in New York when together with Gumby creators Art Clokey and Ruth Clokey Goodell he initiated the Davey and Goliath series to tell children how much God cares about them and that God gives them responsibilities too.

Many ELCA members grew up on this children’s series.


Mike from Delaware

Mike from Delaware

Posted at 1:01 am (U.S. Eastern) 12/25/2008

I am new to the Lutheran Church, but got a real kick out of seeing a color picture of Davey and Goliath at the church.  As a baby-boomer, I have fond memories of watching the TV show.  We had a black and white TV so I didn't know they were in color.  I hope those shows are still being shown on TV for today's kids as they had a great message that kids need to hear.

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