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Worship canceled

Lutheran Ministry in Christ, Coral Springs, Fla., canceled its worship services on May 3-4 to participate in Compassion Weekend.

Instead, members were urged to be the church by serving the community.

They built bookshelves and painted at the Broward Outreach Center in Pompano Beach; tended lawns at the SOS Children’s Village; cleaned at Cooperative Feeding; visited a health center; sang at nursing homes; sorted, bagged, tagged and delivered goods to several organizations, including those serving breast cancer patients, seafarers and military personnel.

They sorted and labeled books for a youth center, made cards for crossing guards and sheriffs, sewed skirts for girls in Guatemala, cared for children and knitted washcloths and chemo hats.

They also donated blood and offered prayers via a prayer circle.

When it was all over, they celebrated with worship and a meal.


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