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ELCA pastor is 'Woman of Faith'

ELCA pastor Ann Tiemeyer, program director for women’s ministry at the National Council of Churches USA, was featured as May’s Woman of Faith.

Tiemeyer, who served on the former ELCA Commission for Women steering committee, was cited as a “woman extraordinaire, experienced community organizer and Lutheran pastor.”

In the site’s question-and-answer forum, she said her faith “is a gift I received from God—a gift I should honor by putting it into action each and every day.”


Linda Kay Klein

Linda Kay Klein

Posted at 6:49 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/2/2008

Thank you for providing a link to faithandfeminism.org!  We are absolutely honored to have Ann Tiemeyer featured on the site, as her work epitomizes what we see as the necessary advancement of gender equality in all faith spaces.  Go Ann!

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