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The way we were: 1935

Lutheran Immigrant Home

Unidentified men talk and hang out in the office of the Swedish Lutheran Immigrant Home of New York. The home was established in 1895 by the Augustana Synod, an ELCA predecessor, to aid newly arrived Swedish immigrants. (The Augustana Synod had helped immigrants and seamen from Sweden since 1873.) Synod leaders bought two buildings for the home-one in 1900 at 5 Water St. and one in 1927 at 6 Water St.

Due to immigration restrictions, the home's focus narrowed to serving Scandinavian seamen. In 1949 the home was renamed The Lutheran Seamen's Center of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church. Then in 1964 the center relocated to E. 15th St. and Irving Place, where it continues to operate today as the Seafarers and International House, a mission of the ELCA.

To learn about ELCA ministries to seafarers, read "We have to take the church to them" (October 2006).


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