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Perspective: A good fit for Lutheran theology

Those willing to engage in the "emerging conversation" may find a surprising correlation with Lutheran theology.

The emerging church isn't another program. It's not a prescription to "fix" congregations. And it's not about church growth, contemporary worship, or youth and young adult ministry. Emerging leaders simply wish to engage in dialogue with the whole church-past, present, and future-about what it means to follow Jesus.

Martin Luther warned that the church should always be reforming — we haven't been entirely faithful to this call. The emergent conversation's greatest gift to Lutheran congregations may be its invitation to reclaim the fundamentals of our faith, rediscover the essentials of our Lutheran and Christian heritage, engage our culture today and join the whole church in dialogue.

But be warned: accepting this invitation means giving up any aspects of "being the church" that are impediments to God's core mission.

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