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It all begins with 'be'

That's how we grow in the spiritual life

Gazing out the back door of our new home, all I could see were weeds. My grandpa, who was helping us move in, came up to me. I was surprised when he said, “Look at all those calla lilies.”

“Calla lilies?” I asked. “Where?”

“All along the back,” he said.

Calla liliesSure enough, there was a happy host of lovely lilies just past the weeds.

I learned something that day, so many years ago, that has stayed with me: Life takes on a different perspective when we take notice of the large view.

Growth in the spiritual life may be something like that, as with widening eyes of faith we learn to notice more fully. A first bubble to burst is the assumption that this growth will make us happier or more productive or successful. If our motivation to improve our spiritual life is self-centered, then we have to question whether it’s really the life of the Spirit we are after.

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