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Father and son

Our son Matthew writes: “Mom and dad are in constant movement, owners of the perpetual energy of children. They plan and then execute. They work separately and as a team. They have love, bound by faith. They are both teachers and doers. I learn from them, consciously and subconsciously.”

Stock photographMatthew and I wrote a book together titled Father and Son: Finding Freedom (Zondervan, 2008). We’ve told a story each from his own perspective: the story of our relationship. We wrote without reading the other’s memory and manuscript and so, in a sense, we have two stories about the same events.

Matthew again, remembering childhood: “Sometimes I watch mom and dad and notice how they do a same thing differently. Take driving.

“Riding with mom is often excruciating and nearly unbearable. I often look over at the speedometer and roll my eyes as the needle matches the speed limit to an exactness I cannot endure. I squirm under my seat belt, seeing everything we pass clearly as there is no blur. Mom’s hands grip the steering wheel as the diagram in a driver’s manual shows, and [she] checks her mirrors and blind spots again and again.

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