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Celebrating marriage

Texas congregation throws party for 60 couples married 40 years or more

After 61 years of marriage, Loretta and Henry Engeling are deadpan about tying the knot. “You’ll get pneumonia together, you’ll get shingles together and after awhile, you’ll even start to look like each other,” said Loretta Engeling of St. Paul Lutheran , a 2,000-member congregation in New Braunfels, Texas.

At a banquet honoring more than 60
At a banquet honoring more than 60 couples and their 40-plus years of marriage, tables held dozens of wedding portraits. The couples are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Braunfels, Texas.
The Engelings and more than 60 couples at St. Paul are celebrating at least 40 years of marriage—complete with jokes and joys, wrinkles and wranglings. The church recently honored the couples with a banquet that featured live music and an affirmation of vows.

“We don’t recognize the longevity of these marriages as often as we probably should,” said Becky Voges, St. Paul’s congregational life coordinator. “It’s such an encouragement for young couples today.”

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