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This is about an active God, who really listens

Age of community: 5 years.

Worshipers at come2go gather in a warehouse
Worshipers at come2go gather in a warehouse in Fort Wayne, Ind. About 80 to 120 attend worship.
Location: A Fort Wayne, Ind., warehouse.

Web site: www.come2go.org.

Mark R. Minnick, an ELCA pastor; worship leader Dave Frincke; outreach leader Quincy McGhee. GO teams do community outreach, including ministry at a juvenile detention center and a nursing home. Christian rock, alternative, country and other concerts draw hundreds.

How do you involve people?: “One of the [Easter] baptisms was a gentleman who has played guitar on the worship team for six mont­hs,” Minnick said. “Instead of making people jump through hoops, we try to take hoops down. The act of participating is as much a catalyst of faith as [what we teach].”


keith bailey

keith bailey

Posted at 4:39 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/17/2008

Dear Sir/Madam

I have a question for you. Is the Evangelical Lutheran Church liberal?

 Keith Bailey (England)



Dave Hettlinger

Dave Hettlinger

Posted at 8:33 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/29/2008

Dear Keith,

        I don't have much authority to answer your question.  However, as a lifelong member of the ELCA and a part-time seminarian, I think that I can safely write that ELCA congregations differ across the political spectrum.  Some were against the Called to Common Mission full communion agreement with the Espiscopal Church, USA; others were for it.  Some have been strongly against blessing same sex unions; others have been strongly for it.

      On the national level, the ELCA has been cautious.  Many of its social statements have a progressive tone, but overall acts in moderation.

 Best regards,


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