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Spirit Garage

We're just trying to be church

Age of community: 10 years.

Kenna Stephens (from left); Mary, Liz
Kenna Stephens (from left); Mary, Liz and Elijah Dayton; Steve Metzger and daughter, Lily, listen to the children’s message at Spirit Garage in Minneapolis.
Location: A Minneapolis theater.

Web site: www.spiritgarage.org.

Leaders: Rob Norris-Weber, an ELCA pastor; a team that serves as a council; a vision team; Amy Santoriello, a student at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., who leads the children’s ministry; a changing group of four to 12 people who develop the Sunday messages; about 200 active participants.

Has your ministry changed over time?:
“Spirit Garage is a little different than it used to be,” Norris-Weber said. “We get kids now. ... We still have events that are adult-only. But we convert the lobby of the theater to a children’s space during the sermon. Our kids follow the [sermon] message, then they have take-home questions for families. ... We needed to [do this]. If you’re truly an authentic Christian, it’s not about you, it’s about the other.”


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