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From floods to fire

San Diego youngsters who saw wildfires ravage their neighborhoods last fall became the most recent travelers on the ark of healing that is called Camp Noah.

Begun by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota after the 1997 floods in the Upper Midwest, the faith-based day camp seeks to help children recover from the emotional toil of disasters. Camps since have focused on children affected by tornadoes or by Hurricane Katrina. Special camps serve youth whose parents are returning from Iraq.

The San Diego program gave 38 participants a chance to tell what it felt like to have to leave their homes and, for some, even pets—and not come back. Tempie Beaman, disaster response coordinator for Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, got the idea to offer the camp program in San Diego. “I hope the kids go home feeling a little more secure,” she said, knowing that God is with them, even when bad things happen.


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