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A synod bishop called recently to comment on an article that appeared in The Lutheran. After addressing his concerns, he suggested that in today’s fractured, contentious society it takes a brave soul to put anything into print. For those with good and occasionally ill motives are quick to pick those ideas apart upon publication.

Consider two recent articles in the magazine: “Was Jesus subversive?” (March) and “Life leaves marks” (April). One was authored by a retired ELCA pastor, the other by an ELCA pastor who teaches religion at an ELCA college. Both took nontraditional looks at Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

The same may be said of columnists. ELCA pastor Stephen G. Marsh this year tackles the notion of justice and the church ("Our faith"). While some may challenge his presentation on a variety of grounds (historical, methodological or theological), there’s scholarship from others who say he’s on target.

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