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Psalm of individual lament

O Lord of all that is, you have molded me from naught,
Yet, where are you when I am sinking into the abyss?
Clinging to the edge of the bottomless pit, I see you not.
You say you love me, that you'll never abandon me.
You promise you're beside me, yet I feel not your breath!

O God, I am besieged by the raging demons of flesh,
They claw at me, pierce my heart and drink my blood.
They know I am weak. Will I ever be free of them?
They seduce my soul with their sweet perfume,
They coat my skin with their smooth fragrant oils!

I am your child, a sinner, wavering and hapless.
I am blinded by pride, unable even to think.
The demons swarm over me, for them I am no match.
I embrace their lies and drink in their concupiscence.
I rejoice in their sweet victory, even as I fear I am lost!

O Lord, your face shines with blinding white light,
I see the truth when at last I surrender and beg for grace.
Your love sweeps away all that besets me, if only I embrace it.
You are the Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega.
The mere whisper of the word and I will be set free!

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Respond (500 words or less) via e-mail to julie.sevig@thelutheran.org by May 20.

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Posted at 12:44 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/6/2008

Thank you so much for Quinlan's lament poem.  This is powerful and helpful.  Please continue including poetry.

I am a poet.  Is this venue open to me to submit my poetry?

Gerald C. "Jeb" Monge, MDiv



Amber Leberman, Web Manager

Amber Leberman, Web Manager

Posted at 2:42 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/6/2008

Thank you for your comments, Jeb.

We publish poetry only occasionally, and as an exception to our writer's guidelines. Our writer's guidelines can be found here:


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