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Synods to discuss draft social statement on sexuality

Most of the ELCA’s 65 synods will hold hearings until November as an opportunity for Lutherans to discuss the draft social statement on human sexuality, released March 13.

Rebecca S. Larson, executive director, ELCA Church in Society, told the ELCA News Service that the draft does not include a “rule book of right and wrong behaviors” but “seeks to help people make ethical decisions in the midst of the messiness of life.”

Section 1 of the draft recognizes that the Lutheran tradition has a unique contribution to the conversation and moral discernment on human sexuality. Section 2 explores a Lutheran approach to sexual ethics. Section 3 describes “God’s gift of sexuality” in creation. Section 4 looks at matters of trust—how trust among people “forms the basis of healthy relationships, including sexual relationships.” Larson said, “The common question at all times is what serves the good of the neighbor, what creates and sustains trust, and what protects from harm.”

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