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Immigration troubles more readers

Still, a desire to help

I was deeply troubled by the blatant bias in the illegal immigration series (March, "The question of undocumented immigrants"). This was evident in the description in your opening piece ("Seeing all angles") that the opposing viewpoint was “narrow and conservative”—hardly a helpful way to open up dialogue. The articles’ biases were also apparent in repeated use of the term “undocumented immigrant” instead of the more accurate “illegal alien” and in the argument that enforcing immigration laws involves an anti-family prejudice. A majority of U.S. Lutherans are not in favor of this social crusade for amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants who are flouting our immigration laws and overwhelming social service agencies in many communities.

John Voelker
Thief River Falls, Minn.

Confront the causes

Before we receive all the wannabes, many of whom are truly in unfortunate circumstances, one should look at the causes and appropriate solutions to the immigration issue. Bankrupting our health system and overcrowding our public educational system are definitely not desirable. Mexico has everything California has. Why then are its people not as prosperous as Californians? Would it not accomplish more lasting good to confront the causes of their plight with suggestions for a cure rather than simply a transfer?

Roland Haacke
Portland, Ore.

A guilt trip

In your immigration stories you refer to “A nation and church of immigrants” (March, Study Guide: "The immigration question"), trying to make me and others feel badly. While true, we came here legally and by following U.S. laws. The actions of [congregations offering sanctuary and working to stop deportations] only encourage more illegal aliens to come and violate U.S. laws. If the church wants to do something, send the people back, send them money and sponsor them here legally.

Bill Turrell
Grants Pass, Ore.

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