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A package of care

From one letter, a grief ministry takes flight

At 11 years old, Anne Brooker didn’t know how to begin helping people grieve, only that it was important to do something.

The Dragonfly Project<BR><BR>Anne Brooker,
Anne Brooker, 17, offers people a way to express their compassion to grieving friends through The Dragonfly Project .
And with her eyes and heart open she founded a thriving ministry without even realizing it.

A boy about Brooker’s age at Nativity Lutheran Church, St. Anthony, Minn., where her family are members, died from a brain tumor. She wrote a letter to the boy’s family and included a story by devotional writer Walter Dudley Cavert about the transformational life of dragonflies. She also included a dragonfly bracelet.

Later that year, the boy’s family wrote in their Christmas letter how much Brooker’s gift meant. So she decided to write more letters.

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