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Texas youth make a difference for communities

Isaiah 11:6 says “a child shall lead them.” That holds true in Texas, where two youth led their congregations in service projects.

On his way to earning his Eagle Scout Award in 2007, Kyle Jordan led Living Word Lutheran Church, Katy, in making a difference in Peru.

Kyle Jordan leads by example by helping
Kyle Jordan leads by example by helping build a community center in Peru.
When Kyle was 12, his family moved to Venezuela and got a firsthand look at people living in poverty. “Kyle’s time in Venezuela really made him want to do something in a Third World country,” said his mom, Beth Jordan. She said he also takes his scout oath seriously: honoring his “duty to God and country” and helping “other people at all times.”

Back in the States in 2002, he became familiar with Living Word’s sister congregation, La Luz Divina, in Marquez, Peru. Volunteers from Living Word and other area churches travel annually to visit the congregation. When Beth Jordan volunteered in 2005, she asked Ben Navarro, pastor of La Luz Divina, what the church needed. He suggested building a community outreach center that could host students before and after school, health presentations, women’s groups, Bible study and a temporary homeless shelter.

Kyle estimated the construction costs at $1,200. With the help of other scouts, he netted more than $2,000 with a car wash. He then recruited volunteers from Living Word, and they headed to Peru in November 2006.

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