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Hooked on Facebook

Campus ministry takes Web presence to new level

When Jesus sent his disciples out to “fish for people,” he was setting them up for some tough networking: traveling from town to town, covering hundreds of miles to proclaim the gospel. Fast-forward nearly 2,000 years and you might wonder, “What would Jesus do in the age of Facebook?”

With more than 64 million users worldwide, this social networking Web site has created a new dimension of communication. And while Facebook began as a way for college students to connect with friends, it has also become a valuable tool in campus ministry.

Brian Rower, a senior at California
Brian Rower, a senior at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, says many of his friendships within Lutheran Campus Ministry wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Facebook, a social networking Web site.
If you’re unacquainted with Facebook, think of it as a personal directory, photo album, bulletin board and meeting room all rolled into one massive Web site. Users create a profile, which can include anything from their favorite music to religious views, and build a network of their friends, who can view each other’s profile pages and post comments and photos.

The site also lets groups create a page on which members can hold discussions and post event details and photos.

For many Lutheran campus ministries, Facebook is a way to connect with students. But just how strong of a connection can you make through a Web site?

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