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Facing reality

Content shift on the way

Readers of The Lutheran are a loyal lot. Some 47 percent of you have subscribed to the magazine for more than 15 years. That’s marvelous, yet troubling.

The magazine recently polled its readers for basic demographic details. The results, while not a complete surprise, were still a bit breathtaking. Consider just these few: The median age of our readers is 64; nearly 52 percent are 65 years and older; 65 percent live in small towns/cities and rural areas; not quite 18 percent are under age 50; just 35 percent live in suburbia or urban areas.

The magazine faces a major demographic hurdle. Our faithful followers are aging and we’re not picking up new readers in areas of population growth. Don’t misunderstand: this older segment of subscribers has been incredibly generous and supportive of the ELCA and the magazine. The Lutheran won’t turn its back on this generation.

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