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Our God rocks

And will love us into the promised new world

I close my eyes, and I can begin reliving an experience that goes back to my early childhood before I could even walk. I’m looking over my mother’s shoulder as she rocks me on the front porch of our home in Jacksonville, Fla­. She sings softly to me, and I feel safe and secure. I’m so comfortable. And peaceful.

ReflectionHow often do we long for that kind of peace and security? The world seems to offer everything but peace and security. The demonic powers of hatred, prejudice, self-centeredness, insensitive competition, jealousy and greed put us in a state of confusion, anxiety and even despair.

Yet in the midst of this there is that “still, small (sometimes singing) voice,” reminding us that we are in the arms of a loving, forgiving, protecting and “rocking” Divine Parent who not only made us but will love us today, tomorrow and into the promised new world.

This rocking God comes to us in many forms. One is often referred to as our church family. It’s within this close relationship of saints-sinners that broken, even ornery, stubborn and sometimes outright mean people come to lay their burdens down before the only One who can take the weight of these sins away—forever. In this grace-filled family of God we find healing, reconciliation and peace. Through word, sacrament and community in the presence of the risen Christ, we experience the source of that healing power.

It has been almost 70 years since that day on the front porch when in my mother’s arms I first experienced the “peace which passes all understanding.” Since then I’ve also experienced the pains and struggles of human life. But that one moment remains a vivid memory that continues to provide me with hope and peace because I know I’m loved by a God who rocks.


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