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Immigration articles raise ire

Readers: Keep it legal

I read your articles on immigration (March). I am aghast that the church is sanctioning illegal immigration. We are a nation of immigrants unless we are American Indians, but our ancestors came in legally. I didn’t find in any of the Scripture references that the aliens were allowed to break the laws. Jesus didn’t break the laws of the land, only church laws.

Nelda Barton
La Grange, Texas

Need opposing view

I am outraged that you couldn’t find an opposing view to the immigration articles. In the Metro Atlanta area we have a huge problem with this issue. If these people wanted to become citizens, I’d be the first to sign up and help. My experience is that the majority are interested in earning money to send back home while not paying taxes on their earnings. I think in my congregation, Lutheran Church of the Messiah, there aren’t many sympathizers to the undocumented immigrant situation.

Eileen Smith
Decatur, Ga.

Crux of immigration debacle

The immorality of Mexican-style slavery is the crux of the illegal immigration debacle. The Mexican establishment drives its poor, uneducated citizens to migrate to this country, ridding Mexico of those it won’t help and providing that country with its fourth greatest source of U.S. dollars. Our Washington politicians are complicit in the enslavement of this unfortunate group. If the Christian community is ready to adopt the morally justifiable course, it will direct its efforts to persuade the Mexican government to educate and create opportunities for its people to fully develop the country’s potential.

Charles F. Rupprecht Jr.
Gladstone, N.J.

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