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What a comfort

Brad Judy says his faith helps him no longer fear death

Editor's note: The photographer who took Brad Judy's present-day portrait did not grant The Lutheran Web usage of the image. See the print magazine.
Name: Brad Judy

Age: 61

Personal information: Member of Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Baton Rouge, La.; responsible for computer, communications and technology systems at Stanocola Medical Center, Baton Rouge.

How has your faith changed over the years?

My father was a minister, so I was basically raised in the church. I developed a strong belief in Christ from an early age, even though I struggled with many issues for a long time. When I was a young man, life caught up with me and I got so busy trying to earn a living and raise a family that my faith became more superficial than lived. When my marriage fell apart and I dropped into a long period of depression, I found my faith and it became real again. When I began again to pray regularly, I was filled with a real peace. Since then, I haven’t stopped praying and thanking God for the blessings in my life.

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