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A Web site from the Center for Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., Working Preacher could become a valuable supplement to a pastor’s weekly text-study meetings. Contributors weigh in on the next Sunday’s first reading, second reading and Gospel. The site also offers articles on the craft and culture of preaching, including one examining how preachers have been depicted in art through history. Contributors include parish pastors and teaching theologians from a variety of backgrounds. Check out the lifelong learning area for a calendar of preaching-related education opportunities.


Find out what type of Christian you are (“evangelical,” “Christian conservative,” “activist,” “golden rule,” “community involvement” or “mystic”) using a new online survey from a research team headed by Marsha Cutting of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in Ontario, Canada. Called the “Inclusive Christian Scale,” a press release states that the survey attempts to “capture the full range of Christian faith.” Survey-takers can view their results immediately. They also can comment on the accuracy of their results and compare them to another survey of religious faith.


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