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Rwanda health clinic

Residents of Mumeya, Rwanda, are delighted to see their story in “Why not child sponsorship?” (February, "Why not child sponsorship").

Residents of Mumeya, RwandaSince laying the foundation for a community health clinic, residents planted nearly 1,500 trees for environmental sustainability, interviewed hundreds to assess needs and met with local officials to seek funding for construction.

Patrick Nkunzumwami, mayor of Kirehe, pledged about $9,000 and his assistance in gaining nongovernmental organization status for Congregations Rebuilding Community in Rwanda, an ecumenical group Lutheran Church of Rwanda pastor John Rutsindintwarane formed to lead the community organizing efforts.




Posted at 9:00 am (U.S. Eastern) 10/3/2009

thank you for all you are contributing,for me as a rwandan i can say that GOD is trying to clean our tears using diferent ways to assist our efforts.i would like to attend the first patient who will be served from there.thanks with prayers,hard work yes we can.

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