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Lutherans aid winter storm victims

Winter storms and tornadoes swept across Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee in February, but no damage to Lutheran church facilities was reported, said Kevin Massey, acting director of Lutheran Disaster Response.

StormDavid B. Mattson, pastor of Christ by the Lake Lutheran Church, Bull Shoals, Ark., said storm victims have been “overwhelmed by the response.” The congregation had been collecting clothing, outerwear and household items for victims, but “we had to put up a sign saying we’re no longer taking donations,” he said.

In Alabama, organizations continuing to provide recovery for victims of Hurricane Katrina are assisting storm victims in Lawrence, Jackson and Autauga counties.

When the tornadoes hit, “relationships were already well-established” among local governments and relief organizations, including LDR, said regional coordinator Mark Johnston. At presstime, volunteers (especially church groups) were still needed for construction work and summer camps for children. For volunteer opportunities, visit the Lutheran Disaster Response Web site or call 800- 638-3522, ext. 2748.

Send checks to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response, PO Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764, 800-638-3522 or give online.


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