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In Missouri and Minnesota

For God will save Zion and rebuild the cities of Judah; and his servants shall live there and possess it; the children of his servants shall inherit it; and those who love his name shall live in it (Psalm 69:35-36).

July 11, 2004, at a Wheat Ridge meeting I was singing the last stanza of my prayer to the tune of "Lemon Tree." At that very hour, at four p.m., my wife Lois was dying in southern Minnesota in an auto accident. I had just written a prayer that could be sung. As I again read the words I see how they fit what was happening in Missouri and Minnesota at the same time. On this journey to Easter there are many occasions that are really more than coincidence. After the fact, by reflection, through recollection, many times in our lives take on special meaning. Look around when something big happens. There is no doubt something else is happening that makes it even more meaningful. If someone dies in October, let autumn help you. If in springtime, let rising seed help you. If a wind blows through a cemetery during a burial, let the wind assure you of the Spirit of counsel and comfort. God, you have filled earth with what we need for comfort. God of wind and sea and fire.

Hold us in your healing hand
With a power deeper, higher
Than the tides that wash the sand.
Come from realms where saints and angels
With the light that dims the dark,
And the peace that calms the waters
Where the life of souls embark.

In the times now gone beyond us,
Through the legacy of years,
In all healings you have granted,
In the wiping of all tears,
By the ministry of others
Grace us with your healing grace,
Through all sisters, through all brothers
In this wondrous earthen place.

Keep your wells and fountains flowing,
Birth new rivers in the deep,
In a healing beyond knowing,
Wash our faces when we weep.
Bring your children to the water
Where our cups are never dry;
Walk us through the living river
Where your people never die.

God, you do hold everything together.

(Excerpt used with permission from Stations of the Heart, Augsburg Fortress, Publishers.)

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