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Passion pilgrimage

Journey along the way of the cross

No story is more indelibly etched in the hearts and minds of Christians than the story of Jesus' pilgrimage from Passion Sunday to Easter. Although many Christians understand this journey of suffering and death to be Jesus' destiny, I'm more inclined to think of it as a pathway belonging to us. Out of love for humankind, Jesus chose to walk this path on our behalf so he might serve as guide and companion to us in our encounters with suffering and death.

This distinction is one that transforms the journey from an event that took place in the distant past into timeless drama in which we each play a role. At each step along the path, we are challenged to ask: "Where do I encounter myself in this story? Where does Jesus' experience intersect with my own?"

Each time I trace the steps of this journey, I discover new answers to those questions. I also become more mindful of the frailties and failures that need attending in my life and more appreciative of the Word-made-flesh, of this One who is God-with-us in every experience of the human condition.

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