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At the communion rail

Our pastor had blessed about six children in a row during communion when he came to my infant son and said, “May the Lord bless you and keep you in your bathroom.” I think he meant to say “baptism,” but my 6-year-old was next and thought blessing you and keeping you in the bathroom was pretty funny.

Holly Veverka
Sleepy Hollow, Ill.

“Have you posted the announcement for
“Have you posted the announcement for church cleanup day?”
A couple in our congregation had their visiting grandson, Henry, then 5, hold the bucket for empty plastic communion cups while they served communion. The next morning Henry said to his grandma: “Next time I’ll serve the drinks and you can do the trash.”

Cheryl Geller
Minot, N.D.

When I arrived at Grace Lutheran Church, Stratford, Conn., three years ago, the first baby I baptized was Jimmy. Since then, he has been diagnosed with retinal blastoma in both eyes, requiring many days of chemotherapy, surgery to remove one eye, etc., but he appears to be doing well. Recently he came to the table with his Oma (grandma). He put his hand out and I placed bread in it. He turned to Oma and asked: “Where’s the butter?” Jimmy is not only the first baby I baptized but the first to ask for butter with his communion bread.

Joan Sorenson
Stratford, Conn.

“As a general rule, those who only
“As a general rule, those who only attend twice a year should never threaten to quit the church.”
Ash be gone

We all came home with crosses on our foreheads after Ash Wednesday worship (2007). Our 5-year-old, Grace, rubbed her cross off as soon as she could and thought the rest of us should too. As she headed to bed, she said to my husband, “Daddy, get off your ash and come read to me!”

Aimee Appell
Seattle, Wash.

Holy Week humor?

As the mother of a preschooler, I always wonder if my child pays attention in class. I know my 4-year-old was paying attention in Sunday school when I overheard him tell his little brother that he was going to nail him to the cross.

Dina Kuhn
Becker, Minn.

Our kindergarten Sunday school class was learning about Jesus’ crucifixion. The leader told the children that Jesus was on a cross between two criminals who did bad things and deserved their punishment. Then she said, “But Jesus didn’t do anything wrong, did he?” One child begged to differ and adamantly offered up this response: “He punched Pilate.” I guess the Apostles’ Creed is tricky for youngsters.

Jane Kositzke
Omaha, Neb.


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