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Me preach?

Colorado pastor, congregation renewed by lay preachers

As part of his sermon one Sunday, John E. Knutson told the congregation that he has for years been writing down miracles. He has come up with 156.

After the service, member Ken Jungerberg told him, “I’m 157.” Jungerberg is one of seven members who took a preaching class from Knutson and has since preached two sermons at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Durango, Colo.

Illustration of John E. Knutson “I could have never imagined myself doing something like this,” Jungerberg said.

Knutson offered the class after being impressed with member Tim Williams’ sermon at last year’s Good Friday service. He wanted to tap into Williams’ gift for preaching but thought it best to open up the opportunity to others. He also wanted members to know this was serious—more than an invitation to give a talk.

The five-week course covered sermon basics—what a sermon is and how to prepare. Class members drew their Sunday texts and service time from a hat. Then they had an opportunity to preach to one another, sharing ideas and making suggestions. “Their good sermons got even better—becoming a product of the whole group, supported by the whole group,” Knutson said.

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