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Canadian Lutherans explore interim sharing of eucharist

Delegates to the July convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada will be asked to approve a formal invitation to the Lutheran Church-Canada to enter into a relationship of interim sharing of the eucharist for a five-year period beginning Oct. 1.

The two bodies represent Canada's major Lutheran churches. The 198,000-member ELCIC is a member of the Lutheran World Federation, as is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The 79,000 member LCC shares a background with the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.

The initiative was prompted by ELCIC bishops following their recent meeting with LCC leadership. "It is hoped that during the period of the interim sharing of the eucharist, the two church bodies will participate in a series of formal studies and structured consultations for the sake of understanding each other and exploring the prospect of full communion in the future," ELCIC Bishop Telmor Sartison is quoted as saying.

The two church bodies work together in the Canadian Lutheran World Relief just as the ELCA and the LCMS cooperate in Lutheran World Relief in the United States.


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