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60 years of meatballs & lutefisk

On Dec. 4, Millard Olson (left) turned in his serving apron and potato ladle after working every one of 60 annual lutefisk and meatball dinners at Faith Lutheran Church, Forest Lake, Minn.

Millard OlsonMore than 600 people were served, though a snowstorm cut the usual crowd by about 100.

Olson ceremonially served his last scoop of potatoes to Philip V. Peterson, one of Faith’s pastors.

Member Don Drolson thanked volunteers during worship and gave these dinner statistics: 300 pounds of meatballs, 500 pounds of lutefisk, 360 pounds of potatoes, 70 pounds of herring, 400 rounds of lefse and 40 loaves of rye bread. There was no report on the number of cups of coffee.


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