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Fear not

How well I remember that cool September night in the back roads of Wisconsin. Jesus' words "Fear not" and his promise "I am with you always" ring clearly in my head.

It was dark as I drove to my uncle's farm in rural Dodgeville, Wis. By the time I saw the sharp turn in my headlights, it was too late. Skidding on loose gravel, I lost control as the car veered and tumbled off the end of a bridge. Metal crashed. Glass shattered. I heard a cacophony of sounds. The last thing I heard was the crash of the windshield as the car landed upside down in the rain-swollen waters of Otter Creek.

With no earthly explanation, I saw light coming from outside the passenger window. Christ was showing me a way out. Unbuckling my seat belt, I pushed to swim toward freedom, to air, to life. Then — bam! Halfway out the window and I was stuck. I didn't understand that I'd gotten tangled in the other seat belt. I pushed forward to no avail.

The light was still ahead of me. There I saw my mother's face and her cousin Palmer's face. Both had died in May. He had drowned.

Needing breath, I asked God, "Am I to drown here?" When I heard "There's still a lot left to do," I took that to be a "no."

Placing my hands behind me on the car, I pushed with all my might. I didn't get free but arched backward, which turned out to be up. Amazingly, wonderfully, miraculously my head popped above the water. Air!

I was still in a fix since I was in the middle of farmland at night. God and I talked about that and many other things while I tried ways to free myself. Finally I screamed repeatedly, "Help, help, help me!" So someone would know where to look I added, "Water! Bridge!"

In time God knew my weariness and sent two young men, two earthly angels who heard my cries. I was trapped in the water for about an hour-and-a-half. My body shook from hypothermia and ached from the strain of holding my head awkwardly above water for so long.

Amazingly I lived. Miraculously I walked out of the emergency room. Christ was with me that night. Christ is with each of us — always — to show us the way.

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luther marvin walters

luther marvin walters

Posted at 9:03 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/27/2008

love is a magnet drawing GOD to you for a special unique work that HE desires of you.

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