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Sorenson dies

Morris "Bo" Sorenson, a former executive assistant to the ELCA bishop, died May 24 of liver failure. He was 71.

Ordained in 1953, Sorenson served as a missionary to Japan. In 1966 he became area secretary for Papua New Guinea and Latin America for the Division for World Missions of the former American Lutheran Church. He became the unit's director in 1970.

The native of Bismarck, N.D., was named executive to the ALC president in 1981. He then served as a bishop's assistant from the beginning of the ELCA until his retirement in 1991.

David Preus, a former ALC president, said of Sorenson, "He was a preacher of the gospel of Christ and he simply loved people, especially students. ... He believed strongly in the outreach of the church of Christ."

Sorenson graduated from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, and Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.

He is survived by his wife, Dorothy; three sons, Arne, Robert and Michael; a daughter, Mary Ranum; and eight grandchildren.


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