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Second-career pastors

The positives and negatives

Thanks for the article by Jessica Pupillo (December, "Second time around"). As a second-career pastor myself, I think she makes some good points about the experience that’s brought to the church as well as concerns for insurance coverages. The Board of Pensions works hard to keep costs down while making sure all rostered families can have coverage. This article was a fine attempt to address the good and the challenging points to second-career rostered leaders.

David Coffin
Ada, Ohio

Missed opportunity

The Lutheran missed the chance to tell a rich story in “Second time around.” The author spent twice as much time on financial issues as in examining the gifts those pastors bring to ministry. God’s call to ministry doesn’t come at times that are convenient for the one called or for the church. Overlooked are stories of second-career candidates for ministry who leave often financially lucrative careers, uproot family and move out in faith in response to the call to ministry. This article didn’t affirm that sacrifice nor encourage others to make it.

Julie Martin Hutson
Seattle, Wash.

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