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Chickens in church

Ohio youth get a special visit during Lent

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? At Messiah Lutheran Church, Lyndhurst, Ohio, it was the chicken—a lot of them.

Chickens—of the paper variety and the
Chickens—of the paper variety and the breathing kind—mark the progress of a Lenten project at Messiah Lutheran Church, Lyndhurst, Ohio. Youth made and sold pretzels for donations to buy chicks for a family in Africa through Heifer International.
Each Sunday in Lent 2007, one of the Sunday school classes made and sold pretzels to buy chickens for people in need through Heifer International. The organization focuses on sustainable resources—farm animals and agriculture that are ongoing sources of food and income.

A starter flock of 10 to 15 chicks costs $20. The flock can bring up to 200 eggs per year per hen, with the eggs providing protein for malnourished diets and income for a family.

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