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Great-grandpa's coat

Wearing it, I am reminded of the family of faith

I have a fairly high tolerance for cold, so for the past several winters I haven’t had a winter coat—other than an old one I wear for hunting and shoveling snow. The chill of the frost last fall, though, left me longing for a warm coat.

Reflection A few weeks later I stopped at Goodwill but couldn’t find a men’s winter coat. I was beginning to feel I’d have to bite the bullet and spend real money on a coat when I remembered Great-grandpa Lundmark’s old one. I dug the coat from the back of a closet and took it in for dry cleaning. It’s probably 60 years old, a beautiful 100 percent wool coat from the Bemidji [Minn.] Woolen Mills. It’s heavy and itchy.

And surprisingly comforting.

Not only does it protect me from the chill of the air, but it also surrounds me with the warmth and comfort of my family and the faith we have shared for generations.

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