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Luther's 95 Theses

Readers were glad to see them

The November issue was outstanding with the Martin Luther 95 Theses information ("It's all about grace"). It would be most useful for adult Bible study. I also appreciated the coverage on Lutheran colleges ("Special report ") as we have grandchildren at Valparaiso, Luther and Augustana. Thank you for your efforts.

Helen Knenbuhler
Monroe, Wis.

Suitable for framing

Thank you for publishing that beautiful edition of the 95 Theses (November, centerfold). I had my copy framed and have it mounted on a wall in my office adjoining a painting of the Great Reformer. Others who have seen this display, including the young lady at the frame shop, have asked for copies. It’s a great contribution.

Harold C. Skillrud
Bloomington, Ill.

Soften Christianity?

The theses that jump out at people were skirted in your coverage of Luther’s 95 Theses. Thesis 40 says the truly contrite love to pay penalties for their sins. Thesis 63 says the gospel is odious. And 95 says we only get into heaven through many tribulations. Could it be that these were studiously avoided because a softer view of Christianity was being espoused in hopes of increasing the dwindling membership of the ELCA?

Ronald F. Marshall
Seattle, Wash.

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