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Cookies and punch

Last Christmas, my granddaughter, Lauren, 4, and her preschool class visited a local senior citizen’s home called Eden Place. They sang their songs and visited with residents. When her mom asked her about the visit, Lauren said, “It’s not just an Eden Place, it’s a drinking place too. We had cookies and punch!”

Karen Wallock
Seguin, Texas

“Because they refused to ask for directions.
“Because they refused to ask for directions. That’s why the wise men had to follow a star for 12 days.”
From the fourth Sunday in Advent worship program at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lansdale, Pa.: “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the confusion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” Sounds pretty Pentecost to me!

Eric Shafer
Lansdale, Pa.

Annual meetings, announcements

At St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Pompano Beach, Fla., the pastor’s announcement before the service was: “The annual congregational meeting will be held after the late service today, including the adoption of the budget. The Gospel lesson for the day is from the Sermon on the Amount.”

Franklin Sherman
Allentown, Pa.

The bulletin announcement at St. John Lutheran Church of Cedar Lake near Aitkin, Minn., invited us to stay after worship for the annual meeting of the Dorris Cemetery. I didn’t stay!

Otto A. Sotnak
Aitkin, Minn.

The bulletin at American Evangelical Lutheran Church, Prescott, Ariz., contained this announcement: “A sermon series begins this weekend in both the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary: ‘Listen! God is calling ... to baptism.’ ” Directly underneath was “Hearing devices are available during services.”

Ruth Auchenbach
Prescott, Ariz.

From the classroom ....

We’d been studying forgiveness in my preschool/kindergarten Sunday school class, so I put a forgiveness twist on the “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck” game (also known as “Duck, Duck, Goose”). I told them to say: “Forgive, forgive, forgiven” as they went around the circle. When Sutton got up to take his turn, he proceeded around the circle touching each head and saying: “Forgot, forgot, forgotten.” I was about to correct him when it occurred to me he had learned the lesson of forgiveness best of all.

Susan Jungclaus
Lake Lillian, Minn.


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