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New leaders to serve churchwide positions

In November, the ELCA Church Council elected Stephen P. Bouman, bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod, to a four-year term as executive director of ELCA Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission. He succeeds Richard A. Magnus, who retired Dec. 31.

In a Nov. 12 letter to synod members, Bouman shared “a heavy heart” yet “a deep sense of calling” to a new role in a unit “responsible for starting new ministries and helping congregations grow disciples and stewards for the Great Commission.”

The council also elected M. Wyvetta Bullock, an ELCA pastor, to a six-year term as executive for administration in the ELCA Office of the Presiding Bishop. She succeeds Charles S. Miller, who retired Oct. 31.

The executive for administration is a key, behind-the-scenes position. The executive is nominated by the presiding bishop to supervise the day-to-day functioning of the churchwide organization; to coordinate the work of the units; to coordinate strategic planning and staff activities within the presiding bishop’s office; and to develop the budget for the churchwide organization.

Bullock has been a member of the churchwide staff since 1987. She also served as executive director of the former Division for Congregational Ministries from 1995 to 2005.

Earlier in November, ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson appointed Donald J. McCoid, former bishop of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod, to a four-year term as executive for ELCA Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations.

McCoid is co-president of the international Lutheran-Orthodox dialogue, facilitated by the Lutheran World Federation. His many ecumenical roles include serving as co-chair of the Lutheran-Orthodox bilateral dialogue in the U.S. and as a board member of the Faith and Order Conference.


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