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Top story lineup for months ahead

In October, The Lutheran asked readers’ help in selecting cover stories for the year ahead. The magazine offered a list of 24 story ideas and left room for other suggestions.

Like last year, the top half were clear favorites among respondents. Twelve came from the topics listed, while one emerged from recommendations submitted in the “Other”category.

Subjects further down the list will likely be addressed in shorter articles in the months to come.

Thanks to all who offered input. Here’s what’s the magazine will tackle over the next 13 months, with the caveat that events may overtake and displace some of these:

• Why hunger persists despite major efforts to end it.

• Immigration debate reveals sharply differing opinions.

• Aging faithfully: Potential for faith growth among baby boomers.

• The church’s response to environmental change.

• What does it mean to be spiritual but not religious?

• Disconnect to connect: How do congregations, synods and churchwide listen to each other?

• What parishioners want in worship.

• Lutheran perspective on the separation of church, state and role ofgovernment.

• Lutheranism 202: Beyond the basics.

• Death and life in church: How God’s pruning can lead to new growth.

• The current state and future ofecumenism.

• Respect: A lost quality and how to reclaim it.

• Size matters: Unique ministries differ in large, medium and small congregations.




Posted at 11:57 am (U.S. Eastern) 12/27/2007

I appreciate the fact that The Lutheran staff has asked and gotten input from the readers.  I look forward to reading and researching the articles and then commenting on them if I feel the need to.

Thank you for your work in keeping the readership in-tune to the culture of our time.

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