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Group begins work on sexuality social statement

Meeting Oct. 5-6 in Chicago, the Task Force for the ELCA Studies on Sexuality discussed in sessions closed to reporting some of the biblical, ethical and theological material that might appear in a draft of a social statement on human sexuality.

Task force chair Peter Strommen, bishop of the Northeastern Minnesota Synod  said one task was “major work on development of a first draft” of a social statement. He said discussion of the draft material took place in off-the-record sessions because “we’re getting into actual development of material, which is fluid.”

“The church has given us the responsibility of writing a social statement, and we are working hard to do our best,” he said. “We want it to be helpful to the church and faithful to its core convictions.”

Strommen said the task force is looking at a biblical, theological and ethical approach that is “effective and fresh, and helps us see the interconnection between individual, family and society.”

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