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Monkeys & lemonade

Lutheran youth know the value of giving to others

Achildren’s sermon and Christmas gift started some monkey business for two young members of Salem Lutheran Church, Lamartine, Pa.

During a children’s sermon last winter, youth were each given $10 and told to do something good with it. Katy, 12, and Kierstie, 10, Mapes created the “Monkeying Around for Kids” project. They came up with the idea after they received kits for making sock monkeys as Christmas gifts.

Kierstie (left) and Katy Mapes, members
Kierstie (left) and Katy Mapes, members of Salem Lutheran Church, Lamartine, Pa., go bananas for their “Monkeying Around for Kids” project. Theydonate baskets with a sock monkey, blanket and book to kids in need—a project they hope to make a yearly event.
Pooling their $20, they put together a basket with a sock monkey, book and fleece blanket. They auctioned it off at their school’s winter carnival to raise money to make more gift baskets. They also did face-painting at the carnival, raising $56 for supplies. Members of their church and community helped with donations too.

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